Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shipping Internationally

Well we were just looking at our sales and we are down a significant percentage for the month of December.  We were a little frustrated with this so we sent a survey to our customers.  Many of our customers were frustrated that we don't ship overseas anymore.  That is not true.  We are only unable to ship Minnetonka Moccasins overseas.  Minnetonka has set up accounts in Europe and around the world.  To prevent us from competing with those accounts Minnetonka has asked us not to ship outside the US.  Even to Canada.  Essentially if we would have continued to ship Minnetonka Moccasins outside the U.S., they could take away our account and that would set us back substantially. 

Tina Peace Moccasins
To help out our customers outside the U.S., we picked up another line very similar to Minnetonka.  In fact, this company was started by former employees of Minnetonka.  The line is called Peace MoccasinsPeace Moccasins are a high quality shoe and they are very good about keeping us stocked when we run out.  If you love Minnetonkas but are outside the U.S., I recommend Peace Moccasins.

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