Monday, October 10, 2011

Minnetonka Moccasin Purse Sale

Minnetonka Purses
This fall Kate has made it priority Number 1 to put out as many sales as possible on the Internet.  She has already ran three sales in the past month an you are probably missing out.  What you need to do to get all of her great Minnetonka Sales is to subscribe to her I-Contact Newsletter.  Here is a sale she has running right now through her I-Contact Newletter.  Just go to this Newsletter and subscribe to it to get feeds.  If you are a Minnetonka Moccasins follower than this newsletter is a must.  The fall colors in Eagle River are starting to dwindle which mean winter is on the way.  Enjoy the fall weather while you can.  Check out our handbag and purse deal today for Minnetonka Purses.  We also have a line of Hadaki Purses as well as a line of Bella Taylor Purses.  Though they are not on our website yet, they will be soon.  You can always call the store (715-479-4903) and we will walk you through the styles and colors we have.

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